Friday, January 21, 2011

Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos have been rising in popularity in recent years. These tattoos are usually placed in a number of different areas on the body including the back, arm and shoulder. There are no areas of the body where an angel tattoo would go.

There are many different reasons why someone may choose to have an angel tattooed on them. There may be some religious significance behind this, they may be more interested in the artwork, or they may be paying tribute to a deceased love one or other well known figure.

There may be a number of reasons why individuals choose to tattoo the image of an angel on themselves. The first and most popular reason why someone may purchase an angel tattoo is for religious reasons. The angel has long been a popular religious symbol, and this has prompted many different individuals to place this on themselves. There are many instances of angels in The Bible, and there is quite a bit of angel artwork available for individuals who are looking for a biblically inspired tattoo. One of the most popular types of angel tattoos includes the depiction of archangel St. Michael slaying Satan, as depicted in The Bible.

The individual may choose to tattoo a generic angel on themselves. These angels are usually drawings, or characters from various movies, books and television shows. These angels are usually placed a number of different areas on the body with the most prominent areas being on the back, chest, and shoulders. Often times these angels are more for the art behind them, and are less likely to have significance to the wearer past the fact that they have it tattooed on them.

Another popular reason why many individuals choose to tattoo an angel on themselves is to pay tribute to a deceased loved one. This tattoo may be depicting the individual themselves as an angel, or may just be a representation. Often times these tattoos are accompanied by some sort of birth and death date, and possibly even a quote. These tattoos tend to be less for the art, and act more as a memorial for the deceased individual.

Keep in mind that every tattoo can mean something different for the individual that wears it. What one person wears, may not mean the same thing to them as it would to someone else. Tattoos, like any other form of artwork, are usually open to interpretation and usually contain many metaphors and ironic instances throughout their design. What originally appeared as a tattered flag could, to that person, be a reminder of freedom.

No matter what your reasoning is behind purchasing an angel tattoo design, it is important that your choice is meaningful to you. Remember to take your time and look through a number of the different angel tattoo options that are available to you prior to making your decision. Tattoos are with you for life, and it is important that you find the perfect one.

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